Romans and Ruins

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South East Wales offers a fascinating insight into the Roman presence in Wales. Begin this tour with a visit to Britain’s most preserved Roman town – Caerleon, known as the “Fort of the Legion”. Explore the amphitheatre where gladiators fought to their death, the bath house around which much of a Roman soldier’s life revolved and the National Legionary Museum displaying all the archaeology of a way of life which existed almost 2000 years ago. Another Roman place is on our route at Caerwent. As we drive through this village to see what was once a thriving market town there is even more evidence of invader occupation from 1900 years ago. You cross the majestic rivers Usk and Wye to reach the spectacular monastic ruin at Tintern Abbey, trailing in the footsteps of the Cistercian Monks with tales of dedication and treachery. Lunch is taken at your leisure at the nearby Abbey Mill Craft Centre. Our final stop will be the majestic Welsh Raglan Castle, often described as the finest late-medieval fortress in Britain with wonderful views of the Monmouthshire countryside along the way.


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  • All transport ( departs from Cardiff) 

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Oddi Wrth GBP 60

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When we think of the Romans, we don't not tend to think of Wales, but you will be surprised at the presence that once was and the evidence that still stands! You will meet the group and your guide in Cardiff before heading on to Britian's most preserved Roman town - Caerleon, a good place to start for a Roman tour of Wales! Standing in Caerleon is an excellent amphitheatre where gladiators once fought, bath houses and a museum. The Roman theme continues as the tour heads on to the village of Caerwent where evidence from 1900 years ago can be seen. Lunch and a trip to the striking Titern Abbey follow, then we finish with a tour of Raglan Castle. An historical extravaganza - what a way to spend the day!


  • Public Day Trip
  • Accompanied by a knowledgable local guide
  • Explore a fascinating history 
  • Departs every Wednesday and Saturday

Y daith

  1. Cardiff
  2. Caerleon
  3. Caerwent
  4. Tintern
  5. Raglan Castle