Snowdonia Scenes Driver-Guided Day Trip

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Mountains, castles and legends! The wild mountains of Snowdonia offer astonishing contrasts within a short distance. Travel through glacial valleys and see the huge impact of slate
quarrying on the peaceful mountainsides, where vast workforces once toiled. The mountains themselves create an ever-changing vista of rock and clouds. You can choose a short walk to get closer… or a much longer one if you prefer! Amid these mountains were born the myths and legends that have inspired generations of locals and visitors and we will visit a real world–class big hitter while learning about this – Caernarfon Castle. The Castle and its walled town is a World Heritage site, and you can discover its immense history as you walk in the footsteps of the powerful men who once owned it.


  • Knowledgeable local chauffer or driver-guide for the day

We can also include additonal services as required, such as:

  • Accommodation 
  • Extended tours throughout Wales 
  • Transfers from any entry points in the UK 
  • Pick ups/drop offs at hotels 

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Oddi Wrth GBP 565

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The Snowdonia National Park cannot be missed when visiting Wales! This spectacular mountainous landscape really is a sight to behold and you cannot help but be absorbed by its beauty. Explore this incredible area on this one-day excursion passing deep through the valleys and reaching up to the highest peaks for the very best views! Take a visit to near by Caernarfon Castle, where you can learn all about a mysterious and fascinating past and the people that once dominated this area. 



  • Private Tour
  • Accompanied by a knowledgable local driver guide 
  • Stunning mountainous 
  • Tallest mountain in England and Wales

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  1. Snowdonia National Park
  2. Caernarfon Castle